We have been blessed, our readers continue to show their support in accessing information on our site, and helping us gain international attention. We have been recognised by Stitches Magazine in Power 75 List , In 2013 we appear in the list our first year in 40 position, in 2014 we improved on our position jumping to an impressive 38 position, however in 2015 we struggled with maintaining the site and fell back to 43 position. In 2014 we also did a series of blogs for a embroidery website in Russia. Click Here Over the few years we started out with 200 subscribers mainly friends and contacts I new from when I did support for Pulse Microsystems.. In 2014 I left Pulse Microsystems to start a new chapter in my life and opened up my own embroidery and screen printing shop , which I have been running since. I still provide training via the website, doing private webinars, and site visits for clients. 




 The Embroidery Network is a self help website that has been operating as a FREE site for the past three years. We accept donations that allow us to keep the site up to date, adding new documents and features. We are blessed to have over ten thousand readers on our site. 

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if you have any site suggestion or comments or would like to see a topic covered please contact us at  info@embroiderynetwork.ca